what we do

Crossworld is, first and foremost, about football, and the power of the game to bring people together and to teach them important lessons and skills valuable in all walks of life. Crossworld runs two main football projects at present.

The Friday Project

Throughout the year, Crossworld runs a weekly drop-in session that young people can attend in order to meet new people and enjoy playing football. As the name suggests, this takes place on a Friday each week. The session lasts for two hours and is delivered by one of Crossworld’s experienced coaches.

The Football Club Project

During the football season, which runs from September until May each year, and during the summer months, we organise weekly training sessions for the members of the Crossworld first team. Each training session is led by one of Crossworld’s experienced coaches, and includes work on match fitness, individual technique and skills, match-situation drills and teamwork, and a practice match. We operate strict rules so as to ensure that those who attend training and show a commitment to Crossworld and to their team-mates will be selected for matches. League and cup matches take place on a Saturday afternoon. Supporters are welcome. Follow us on Twitter for details of our matches.

Other activities

Throughout the year, Crossworld also runs a series of activities, based on what Crossworld participants tell us that they would like to do. In the past, these have included social activities, trips, team-building challenges, trips to watch live football matches and educational workshops, as well as training sessions, trials and practice matches that provide opportunities for new players to join Crossworld’s projects.

To help us keep these activities going, please donate what you can – or refer a player to us.