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Crossworld is run entirely by volunteers, from trustees and coaches to those focusing on fundraising and communications. Crossworld’s trustees are:

Ben Bryant “When I started volunteering with Crossworld in 2008, it was a drop-in project that had relatively recently started competing in a 7-a-side league. Since then, Crossworld has become a registered charity, set up what is now an established 11-a-side team, and maintained a successful weekly drop-in Friday Project. It has been a privilege to have been a coach of our 11-a-side Football Club and one of the founding trustees of the charity, and to see the difference that being part of Crossworld makes to the young people who are part of our projects.”

Kenzo Fry “I set up Crossworld in 2006 in response to strong unmet need for football and social activities among young asylum seekers and refugees who recently came to London without their families. It was obvious that the chance to play, to make friends and overcome barriers with the universal language of football was extremely valuable. However, even then I couldn’t have predicted the growth of Crossworld over the next decade, which is a testament to the passion of Crossworld’s volunteer team. I am currently one of the people who helps run Crossworld’s Friday Project.”

Julian Wild “I have been a volunteer at Crossworld since 2008 when I started helping with the Friday Project. I have been involved in all areas of the charity since then such as coaching, recruitment, fundraising and evaluation. It has been a wonderful experience helping the charity grow and develop into what it is today. I have seen different generations of young people grow in confidence, make new friends and improve as footballers as a result of the sense of community and ‘family’ that we have at Crossworld.”

Freddie Young “I have been volunteering for Crossworld since 2010, and am currently responsible for all our communications. It’s been a privilege to see the progress many young people have made within Crossworld – and to be involved in the project in various ways – from comms lead and video producer to water carrier and emergency full-back.”

Jonny Howard Football club coach

Hafiz Mustafeay Treasurer and former player

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